About us

We are the only platform that aggregates all the events happening in the world of women in tech. 

Our mission is to contribute to gender diversity in the tech world through developing your soft and hard skills, identifying opportunities that you might find interesting, and inspiring you. We want to make available to you all the tools to help you achieve your full potential while contributing to your personal and professional growth.

We call them events, but we actually mean conferences, summits, talks, fireside chats, interviews, webinars, workshops, recruiting events, networking meet-ups, courses, masterclasses… you name it! 

Do you lead a community or organize events addressed to women in tech?

We want all communities and organizations fighting effortlessly towards the same objective to leverage our platform to broaden their audience and therefore multiply your impact. We are in this together. And we were born to help you boost your voice and reach all corners of the world of women in tech.